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Water heaters are certainly essential for any homeowner. The problem is that traditional systems take so long to heat up, especially when many people want to use the hot water at the same time. Fortunately, our specialists at Plumbing Dudes are able to install powerful tankless systems. These amazing heaters can create an instantaneous supply as soon as the tap is turned on. Start enjoying a fresh and fast supply of heated water today.

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How a Tankless Water Heater Works

It is self-explanatory that tankless water heaters do not use large tanks to heat up their critical supply of water. Unlike people with traditional heaters, residents who own a tankless unit do not have to wait an hour for the water to turn warm again. But how do these innovative systems actually work? 

Tankless models are built with a specialized sensor inside, which determines the amount of water that is being utilized in the moment. If water is continuously coming out, it will be consistently heated. Another element that helps the unit heat rapidly is the fact that tankless units operate by electrical resistance heating coils. In contrast to the typical pilot flame, the system can create up to 5 gallons of heated water every minute.

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Enjoying the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

No one wants to wait multiple minutes – which sometimes feels like years – to gain instant access to that crucial hot water in the morning. However, there are more benefits to tankless systems than just a rapid source of hot water.

Other benefits that occur from using a tankless system instead of a traditional tank unit include:

  • Increased safety, since these units do not have massive tanks that can be scalding to touch or may even break open. 
  • Greater flexibility for setting up tankless systems on a property’s exterior, preventing carbon monoxide and similar harmful gases from affecting the household 
  • Reduced need for maintenance on account of having fewer parts
  • An extended lifespan on account of the fact that tankless systems do not succumb to rust or leakage as much as normal units
  • Increased comfort, with easy access to hot water for anyone who wants it.

The Value of Installing a Tankless Water Heater System

Worried about rising costs for your plumbing system? Tankless units allow residents to decrease their utility bills since they do not require extensive energy to run. In addition to being easy to take care of, their low maintenance needs mean these units will not incur expensive repairs and replacements. Find out more about our excellent tankless water heater services in Burbank by getting in touch with our knowledgeable techs at Plumbing Dudes. 

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